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Just when I thought things were over and I could settle in for a few months off, my email addresses have lit up like a freakin Christmas tree.

No one is to publish any pictures of the convention without the permission of those in the picture. Period. There have been some personal security issues violated here and it must be stopped immediately! I say this in full support of those emailing me and rest assured it is more than one person complaining and they have valid concerns.

I guess in the excitement of everything some are just not thinking things through.

And no, I have no clue what is going on with the postings of all the information that was discussed at the convention. Again, I would have thought that all of that would have been fully discussed in detail. I certainly hope that recorded devices were not being used without permission.

Lessons learned for me as I had never had to deal with it in the past. I guess there will be a page 20 added to the Registration packs now, along with other things that I picked up myself during the weekend.

I am sorry if anyone is being violated or offended. I am just seeing and hearing of it now and any concerns can be sent to my attention over at the Northeast Mini site

I will ask Brent to close down this year's link so as not to further any more crap and there is no need for further discussion.

I must tend to my family issues. Please honor that.

Carol McLaughlin
Sponsor and host
2008 Northeast Mini Convetnion promoting
ANN-tics by Carol Sweepstakes Supplies and
This N' That Sweepstakes Stuff Newsletter
Those are the only two businesses to be credited with this running this convention!!
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here is the url

Not sure if Carol was trying to type her email but I`ll correct it

Thanks for your understanding

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