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I am
Already talking with my co-workers and working out trades of shifts right now. Yep, planning ahead is gonna be the key for me!! I have already started a coin jar on a mention from our Fearless Coordinator Carol!! Hey, not to mention that I am taking Vitamin C too!! I don`t plan on being sick this time around and missing Hottie Rabio/Fabio!!
Speaking of Rabio/Robio, while I was driving to work last night they were playing the song that he did karoke to!! It was the first time that I had heard the song since.. LOVE IT he he

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Well, I just sent in my registration for my third year attending.

I have the most fun!!! The speakers are always great, the food is good and the PEOPLE are super!!! All ages, all sizes, all FUN!!!!!

So many positive attitudes. Always smiles when someone wins!!

Now, I freeze my butt off because Im not use to the weather but I just love it.
In fact, I rather go here that a national because of the closeness!!!

I do suggest you stay at the Holiday Inn. Makes it easier for you to just walk downstairs.

Come everyone.....What are you waiting for???????
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thank you (dcreed) Georgia Peach for the endorsement! We look forward to seeing you again this year. We're going to make it a blast!

Rob's 2014 wins
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