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Thank you for posting this thread. Roboform tried to update today and I declined it so I don't have any issues.
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Did Chrome ever fix it's security risk with the autofill?

“Luck is believing you're lucky.” - Tennessee Williams
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don't use Robo-form but had similiar issue with Firefox recently
I don't have Robo-form, but I was using the Auto-fill feature in Firefox.
I always enter sweeps in Incognito mode.
One day a week or so ago, ALMOST all of the auto-fill choices went away (it was weird because it still offered me the correct fill options on 1 or 2 sites).
I had to go back in and fill out the forms in a NON-icognito window to get Firefox to remember the choices again and offer them to me the next time I filled out the same page (e.g. a Womans Day or Leites Culinaria sweep)
That seems to have fixed it, but I wonder if there was some change with Firefox too that affected you 'guys' who use Robo-form.
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No, roboform stated they were no longer supporting auto-fill in firefox.
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