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Convention Experiences
For those of you who don't know, I won a trip to the National Sweepstakes Convention from an OLS contest~

The convention was a wonderful experience for me! Had I not won the trip, I wouldn't have been able to go. Thank you Brent and OLS for allowing me to have that experience.

I'm an English major, but I cannot find a perfect way to express how much the trip meant to me. Meeting all those neat and crazy OLS-ers, getting away, sleeping in a king size bed, listening to an Elvis-impersonator, hitting a pinata with a broomstick, having Chicago-style pizza, meeting other sweepstakers, listening to the prize drawing names (my hubby won an MP3 player), answering the question "What part of Texas are you from?" about a hundred times, seeing decorated envelopes, buying decorated envolves, riding a city bus, meeting people that had won houses and cars and trips and cash, visiting the botanical gardens, meeting Cindy Morgan (ha!) - all of it combined into an incredible experience I will truly never forget.

Brent yields so much power on the site, I always thought of him as a "great and powerful Oz"-type figure. However, after meeting him in person, I realize he's a normal, great guy that has a really wonderful heart. And, he's a very snappy dresser. Tabitha made me laugh so much, she's a nut!! CrazyPanda has a great heart. KB is in person exactly who she is on the site - caring, crazy, and lots of fun. And everyone else favorably impressed me, also.

I will never forget the 2005 National Sweepstakes Convention. Thank you OLS and Brent for allowing me to go, thank you fellow OLSers for the well-wishes, and thank you new friends for the great time!!! That was a wild weekend that I'll cherish forever.

I'm eternally blessed! My Wins
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