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Gift Card Thread 2017
Here is the new gift card thread for 2017.

This thread is a place to post the GCs that you have FSOT. This thread is only for posting GCs not any other items (ie: % off or $ off coupons are not allowed here).

This thread is only for posting GCs FSOT not for listing GCs you want (you can create a thread in the Wanted forum for GCs you are seeking).

Please list all of your GCs in one post and do not create separate posts for each GC as that takes up too much space. If you post multiple times we will delete any subsequent posts after the first one. Please delete your old post before posting a new one as your new one will be deleted and the first one left (if you can't delete then modify the post and say "gone" we will delete it for you). You are only allowed one post in this thread. Repeated violation of the rules for Prize Exchange will result in a ban from the forum. The rules are simple, so please clean up after yourself to keep the thread up to date.

Please delete your post and/or the GC when it has sold.

Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements to post an item FSOT by reading the Prize Exchange rules found here

Please remove the item from your list once it is gone, instead of posting GONE, it is much cleaner to read that way!

PM the member if you want to discuss an item in detail. General chatting in this thread will be deleted.

Any violations of the rules will result in your post being deleted.

This is becoming a problem in these threads:
Note: Do Not post more then once in this thread as that is a violation of the rules. If you post you can edit your post and add more items or delete your post and start a new one. You cannot have more than one post in this thread.

In case you need the steps for editing/deleting, here they are (if you have problems you can PM a Mod).

To edit:
Go to your original post
Bottom right click the Edit button
Make changes and then click the save button

To delete:
Go to your original post
Bottom right click the Edit button
Click Go Advanced
On top left there are some buttons, click the one that says "Delete Message"
Click save and it should be deleted.
Note: If for some reason you can't see the delete button just delete all the items in the post and type the word "gone" or "please remove" and we will delete the post for you. Once you delete your info and indicate gone you can create a new post.

You guys did a great job in 2016 keeping this thread clean, let's keep it up for 2017.

"We were meant to live for so much more. Have we lost ourselves?" - Switchfoot
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kath999's list: lots of gift cards, always updated
EddieBauer-$20 gift certificate

IKEA $500 physical g/c (same listing as above)**asking 10% discount, +paypal fees if applicable. Willing to consider offers and trades, especially for things like supermarket and gas gift cards, etc.

Ling & Louie's Asian Bar and Grll-$20 www.lingandlouies.com - (2)-$10 gift card--totals $20.

$32.69 Michael's gift card

$10 PiercingPagoda e-card-no exp.date-- http://www.pagoda.com/

-$100 QuikTrip- (2) $50 physical gift cards = totals $100. http://www.quiktrip.com/Locations/Locations

$50 Restaurants.com- (2) $25 gift card = totals $50

$10 Spotify gift card**will take offers!

-TGIF-$5 gift card

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Several GCs
Hi Everyone:
I have the following GCs for trade ... no paypal ..would like an even exchange if possible:
$25 Papa Murphy's
$25 MFrederic www.mfrederic.com
$15 Belk

Combine all or some OK.
All are physical GCs
I'm on the Great Trader's List
and am located in Los Angeles.
Would be glad to mail
Of interest?
Best, Betsy

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$75 Sling TV gift card
$75 Sling TV gift card. I thought this would be something I would use but just got The Worlds best box.
Please make me an offer. I am willing to look at trades or paypal. I would like $40.00 for it.

Last edited by cng261974; January 8th, 2017 at 9:58pm. Reason: missing information
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$25 Food Lion Card
I have a $25 Food Lion (physical card) that I would like to trade for Amazon or Publix. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!

SWAGBUCKS - Search...Earn...Redeem for Amazon GCs and more!!!
Join Today!!!

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$10.00 www.Restaurant.com gift certificate

Asking $2.00, paypal


Gift card to Jack Stack BBQ Restaurants (Limited locations in Missouri and Kansas)


Gift card has $12.90 on it.

I am selling for $5.00, paypal


$25 gift code to www.NFLShop.com

Asking $13, paypal.

Gift code will be emailed

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$15 Sephora gift card
Would like to trade for a Wal-mart or Amazon of equal value, or close to.

PM me with what you've got. I'm on the GT list
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$25 i-Tunes gift card.

$25 Gift Code to Restaurant

$30 online Gift Code to LampsUSA. You can also order by phone with the code. It is for ordering from their open box section. Here is the direct link to the open box secion: http://www.lampsusa.com/search.aspx?...&category=6401.
I will send email with all the info on how to order.

$50$ myAFTER Refuel Gift Code to spend on Refuel workout gear at the Refuel online shop! Here is the site: [url]http://myafte
Locations: http://www.shopkitson.com/index.php?p

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Hi! I have a $50 Postmates gift card (only available in some cities).

I also have a 2-hr coupon for Handy cleaning service.

Looking for amazing gift cards or other gift cards. Make an offer!!

Not all that wander are lost.
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$100 Victoria's Secret Gift card
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$100 NBAStore.com e-GC sell for $85 paypal no fees or amazon gc

"We were meant to live for so much more. Have we lost ourselves?" - Switchfoot
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$5 Starbucks

$5 Chevron (Texaco)

Would like $3.50 no fee paypal for each.

Thanks for looking!!
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$25 restaurant.com
Have a $25 restaurant.com, looking for a trade.
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I've got the following GCs (all are physical GCs in the denominations specified) to trade:

$10 GameStop (1 x $10)
$10 Best Western Hotels (1 x $10)
$5 Toys R Us (1 x $5)
$10 Tony Roma's Ribs Seafood Steaks (1 x $10)
$15 Cold Stone Creamery (3x $5)
$5 Dollar General (1 x $5)
$25 Barnes and Noble (5 x $5)
$10 Bed Bath & Beyond (1 x $10)
$5 Buffalo Wild Wings (1 x $5)
$5 Hallmark (1 x $5)
$50 TJMaxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods (5 x $10)


Sorry, but I'm not looking to sell, trades only. I am interested in physical GCs usable in store including Savemart, Luckys, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, Chili's, Dominos Pizza, Olive Garden, Jack in the Box, PF Changs, BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, Chipotle, Lowes, Home Depot, Eddie Bauer, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Ikea, Best Buy, Kohl's, etc....

Please no iTunes, movie tickets (or equivalent GCs), Google Play, XBox, SpaFinders,

I update this post regularly (last time on 4/21/2017), so if something is still listed, it is still available.

Thanks for looking.


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