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Originally Posted by Outrun1986 View Post
1000 Followers on Twitter? What a laugh. What 'normal' person is going to have 1000 followers???

6/07? - $500 Airfare 2/08 - Disney Trip, 8/08 - Florida trip, 11/08 - Bike GPS, 3/09 - Allure bag w/Aveeno Products, 3/09 - Advil product, 5/09 - Tylenol Backpack, 7/09-$200 Pamida GC, 08/09-Beautifix Gift Box, 10/10-$250 Kelloggs, 9/11-OldWisc Packer win - 2 Club Tix/merch. 5/12-AC Trip & Macys/HD GCs, 8/12-2012 Harley Trike, 2014-$75 Dollar Tree, $25 Snickers. 2015-$300GC & 4 Country Inn Nights, Pepsi 3 $200 Live Nation Concert Cash.
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Originally Posted by sottovoce View Post
I can kind of understand this. Have you noticed in the past few months more people bending the rules, or out right cheating? There are more people using bots to enter, more people using multiple addys, more people entering everyone they know. This hobby may be ending if this behavior continues. Sure, you probably win more by "stretching the rules", but you are destroying the trust of sponsors by doing so. Eventually they will stop sponsoring sweeps...I would. So I don't blame the sponsors for resenting sweepers in general. There was a time when we were an honorable group.
I always enter honorably. I don't use bots, I'm very particular about sweeps I enter and I even type everything out by hand. I follow rules and respect them. But the problem that I have is when the sponsors don't even bother to take the time to set out proper rules for people to follow.

It used to be sponsors would have their sweeps on their sites and have lawyers draw up proper rules. Start time/ end time/ how to enter/ when winner would be drawn/ how that would happen/ how they would be notified etc But since they started doing quick pop up sweeps on social media I have even seen fairly large sponsors that don't have a rules link, have vague rules in posts, some list end dates some don't.

Even worse are the new Facebook post sweeps where you have to click on a link in the post that takes you to a popup entry form where you can't even get to the rules until you've finished entering if then. So I really blame sponsors too, they've gotten sloppy with their sweeps and rules. And if they aren't hosting the sweeps on their own web pages so that they can control and monitor who is coming on and entering them, then that is really on them too.

We all know that the internet is a hotbed of hackers and people trying to game the rules. And while I'm sure that some of them are sweepers, now that sweeps are out there for anyone to see and access I'm sure that a lot of the people taking advantage of the whole process are not everyday sweepers, just people who come across sweepstakes, wanted the prize and know how to create bots or cheat with multiple accounts and if the sponsors refuse to take responsibility for the fairness of their sweep it's their fault too. That's why a lot of us roll our eyes when we see voting contests and refuse to enter them.
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I do not enter voting contests, I will never win so its a waste of time. Fortunately I don't run into too many of these. These facebook sweeps get hundreds and thousands of entries so again its not worth my time to like and comment, which seems to be what most of the sweeps require now, to like and comment on a post and then they pick a winner, there is not even a form to fill out, and no rules as you say.

Once again by requiring or having the option for a daily tweet or multiple daily tweets, or daily or multiple daily retweets, I know where there is a sweepstakes that has options for 20+ daily tweets per day they are creating sweepers who want more entries, if they kept it to one tweet then there would be no need to make a sweepers account. I think anyone with half a brain can figure out how to create an alternate twitter account, which is allowed, but 2 facebook accounts are not allowed from what I understand, I do not have any accounts that are not allowed under the rules of the social media site I am on.
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Originally Posted by jgates8 View Post
1000 Followers on Twitter? What a laugh. What 'normal' person is going to have 1000 followers???
Lol I guess I'm not normal- big surprise

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uhhh last time I checked we were human too and do purchase from companies..what a doofus..just sealed his fate...

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