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Thank You...Thank Youl..
thanks to everyone who attended this year's Northeast Mini Convention. I think it was the best one yet for me. Thanks for all of your donations and offers to help out wherever needed. You made my job so much easier....and I needed all of the laughs we had over teh weekend. Sweepers are the best!!!
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I need PICS!!!!
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Originally Posted by kbsocial View Post
I need PICS!!!!


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Thank You

Many many thanks to you and your family for all your hard work on putting together an awesome weekend. Learned so much from your great speakers, Bob Mennell and Patti Osterheld and the wonderful sharing of information by Patti, Carolyn Wilman, and the group on Sunday.

Will miss this event next year, but have wonderful memories of this weekend.

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Originally Posted by kbsocial View Post
I need PICS!!!!

Me Too!

"It's nice to be important...but it's more important to be nice"
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