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Hotel Reservations Holiday Inn Harrisburg Hershey
Important Announcement: Hotel Reservations at Holidy Inn Harrisburg-Hershey

(Wednesday, July 30, 2008) I just got off the telephone with the hotel. We have 81 rooms taken from our block of 90 for the weekend. However, with doing the math we have more hotel reservations taken than registrations in to date.
It is imperative that if you are not planning to attend (or if you know of anyone who has changed their mind) please call or have them call so that they release these rooms back to us for the remaining 50 that need to register.
Since we are responsible for all rooms reserved through a blocking, I will be meeting with the hotel staff on September 5th and comparing our roster to those rooms picked up to see where the inconsistencies are. Anyone who is not fully registered on that date will be contacted and given a chance to get their registrations in before we request a release of that room from our block back to the hotel and replace it with anyone who IS registered. What that means is you won't get dumped on the street, BUT you will not be registered under the convention weekend, nor get the discounted rate.
If you booked your room in a name other than on your convention registration, it is important that you email me right away. All information is kept confidential as always. This will avoid releasing a room unnecessarily.
In short, I need the 80 rooms that I reserved for those truly coming to the convention. Often people reserve rooms knowing they can cancel at the last minute. Not so in a situation where I am reserving the 80 rooms. They belong to the convention and are done as a courtesy to keep us together and at a discounted rate. I know in the 2006 convention year those holding onto rooms without registering caused a shortage of rooms for those attending and caused some to make unnecessary reservations at nearby hotel when if the rooms had been released they would have been able to stay in the main hotel. We are committed to seeing that does not happen again. All unregistered rooms will be dumped as of the close of the registration period for this convention.
I appreciate your immediate cooperation in this matter.
Carol McLaughlin
2008 Hershey Mini Convention
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