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Question Roboform Version Question
I have been using Roboform for d soem time, both on a XP computer and on a Windows 7 computer.

I somehow messed up Chrome on the XP computer and had to reintstall, and cannot use robo at all in Chrome.

It prompts me to login and then does not accept it, evn though those same credentials were used successfully to log into the Roboform site, so I know they are correct.

I created a ticket with Roboform, and they are telling me that I need to upgrade to 7.9.31.

Since works fine with even the newer version of Chrome on the Win 7 computer, I am doubtful.

Does anyone have experience with this 7.9.31 version?

I know I tried upgrading once before, some time ago, and I hated it and went back. I'm pretty sure that it was a 7. something version, but not sure which.

Thanks for any help!
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dont remember that one but now using it works but don't like it as much as whatever I had before..I use mostly chrome

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