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Text, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and QR Code Scanning at the Convention
Text, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and QR Code Scanning at the Convention

During the convention there will be some presentations on some of the newer methods of entering sweepstakes via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and by scanning QR Codes.

In addition to the presentations, there will be opportunities for attendees to actually enter some convention drawings using these new technologies.

If you use a standard cellphone (not smartphone), you will be able to participate in the planned text message activities.

If you are using a smartphone, or a tablet with cellular capability, consider taking the time now to install the following apps on your device so that you can try out some of the other new technologies.

1. Twitter

2. Instagram

3. A QR Code Reader such as NeoReader, Google Goggles, or one of the many other QR Code readers available for your smartphone or tablet.

Follow us on Twitter: @spf25orlando

>>>> There will NOT be Wi-Fi available in the meeting and vendor rooms, so we will be relying on cell service to access Twitter, Instagram, and for scanning QR Codes.

You do not have to participate in these new technological activities, but if you do, you can be sure you will learn some new things, and will then be prepared so that when you get home you will have more tools available that you can use to win more prizes.
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