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I went to the convention in San Diego and have been wanting to go to another ever since...
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Red face A Dream to go to convention!
I would love to attend this years convention! It would be a dream come true. I'd love to meet the other winners, who share this awesome hobby. I'd also like to learn a few new winning techniques. I would be happy to share my stories and love to hear everyone else's winning stories!
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I would love to go and meet and great all of ols peeps. I have never been before, but this is on my bucket list! Maybe I could pick up some pointers on how to win!
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I have been and OLSer since 2004 and have always wanted to attend, to get tips and tricks and see what kind of people sweep like me. I would love my husband to see I'm not the only "weird" one who notices the words "enter" or "official rules." I believe a trip to the convention would inspire me to enter contests that make me nervous, like video entries and essays. I look forward to meeting my fellow OLSer's!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a trip to the 2014 National Sweepstakes Convention!
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Would love to win mainly to meet others who share the same passion for sweeping as me cause my family thinks I'm crazy!
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Attending this convention would be energizing, uplifting, and feel like a breath of fresh air adding to a great summer of sweepstaking.
Meeting new people and sharing experiences along with picking up new ideas on winning would be fantastic.
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I would love to win this. It's been too many years since we went to a convention and I miss seeing old friends and also all of the new friends that I have made since we were in San Antonio. Always great to hang out with people who talk the same language.

My Wins
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I would love to attend the 2014 convention in Orlando. If I were to attend, I would meet other OLSers and I would obtain tips and advice from other sweepers to assist me in our endeavor. Thank you for this opportunity.
  Old  April 24th, 2014, 8:27pm     #69
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mary s in va
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This will be my 2nd convention -- in sunny Florida. Thanks for the chance!
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To win this trip!
Oh Who doesn't love to win a trip like this? I would love to win this trip as I am plan on taking my parents and my children to Orlando. This will be my 3rd time. I would love to make more friends with anyone. If I win this trip. I would try to bring my BBF and see if I can turn her into a sweeper like me.

Good Luck everybody!
  Old  April 25th, 2014, 1:57am     #71
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I've been to a few and love learning new tips and talking "shop" with my fellow sweepers! Would love to win and go!
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Taking fiance to first National !!!
My fiance, Bill, will be attending the National Convention with me this year and it will be his first one. He's been to a couple of the mini's and banquets, but I can't wait to see his reaction to seeing how large the group is that attends these Nationals.

I've attended every National since Moline, except for the Minnesota one and that was only because I broke my leg a month before it was held and was not allowed to fly.

I go to meet up with the sweeping friends I have made over the years, especially my OLS buddies, as well as to get new tips and help newbies win sweeps.

I always have a great time and although I do love winning the prizes, I really enjoy meeting all of the sweepers that attend and manage to meet new ones each year.

Lastly, I go to help promote OLS as well as my This N' That Sweepstakes Club Newsletter, which is a national club for those that enjoy entering sweepstakes.

Know Brent, KB, Panda and many other OLSers very well and enjoy working with them to promote OLS.

I'm almost packed, ready to go, just need to win this trip!!!!
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I have been to one National Convention (Dearborn) and I had a blast.
I go to the mid-Michigan one every year too.

I hope to learn some of the little tricks people use to increase their luck.
I always enjoy everyones sweepstakes stories-(How they got into sweeping and what they won.)

My mom lives in Sarasota, and if I won a trip to the convention, I would make it a combo trip to visit her and attend the convention.

  Old  April 25th, 2014, 12:36pm     #74
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I'm looking forward to spending time with my sister and catching up with fellow sweepers I have met at other conventions. Can't wait!
  Old  April 26th, 2014, 7:19pm     #75
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Have never attended
I have never attended a sweeps convention and didn't even realize they existed until I met a great group of sweepers in my area. I have not been able to afford to tag along with these ladies but I love to see the pics they post from them. I am not new to sweeping because I've been doing it for at least 10 years but until a year and a half ago I never knew there were people just like me :-) and would love to attend a convention to meet even more of my fellow sweepers.
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