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Joined: Jul 2002
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Location: SoCal
I'd love to go to this convention, I've enjoyed going to them in the past. Love talking to all the like-minded people about the wins.

Mary Ann
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Location: Western MA
I've never been to a sweeps convention and I'd love to meet some of the people behind the names here
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Location: California
I would love to go to a convention! Ive never been but have always wanted to go. Id love to meet some of the fantastic people that Ive become friends with on this site!

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Lurking In IL
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Location: NW Suburbs, IL
I would love to go to the convention to meet old friends and to learn about all the new and exciting ways to enter sweepstakes.
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Location: Northwest Ohio
The best part of convention is seeing old friends again. I can't wait to see friends and hear all about their wins over the past year.
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Joined: Jan 2003
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Location: Knoxville, TN
Winning Energy!
I've attended several past conventions, and what I love most is the winning energy in the room! When we sit at home entering online or filling out 3x5s, it can be a bit solitary, so it's so motivating to be in a room with so much positive and motivating energy! That's always what I look forward to!
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Joined: Sep 2010
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This will be my 3rd and my wife's 5th. We love seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We also enjoy exploring the city where the sweeps is being held.
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Joined: Nov 2006
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I want ot Win!!!
I've never been to a National Convention. I have attended the Hershey Mini Convention and loved meeting all the people who enjoy my hobby. I'd love to come to a National Convention and meet even more people from all over the country. I'd love to learn more about the less traditional sweeps that are out there such as Instagram, Pongr. etc.
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Why I want to win this Convention sweepstakes
I have never been to a National Sweepstakes Convention before. I want to learn how to search and find text to wins, understand pongr, and all the updated ways to win. It is a great hobby. Need to keep up to date with new ways to figure it all out. Thanks for the chance.
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I have never been to a sweeps convention.
It would be so much fun to meet some of the people that I have come to know and love here at OLS during the last 10 years!
I tend to stick to entering sweeps with methods that are in my comfort zone, so I would love to learn more about the newer methods.
Enter me, please!

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Joined: Nov 2012
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25 Reasons for the 25th Anniversary!
1. This would be my first BIG win since 2010.
2. At that point, I didnít know about Sweepstakes forums/groups.
3. Guess that was an accidental win; now I need a real win.
4. I NEED to learn more about sweepstakes.
5. I NEED to feel all the excitement that I hear happens at Nationals.
6. I would love the extra $ to enter more raffles there.
7. Maybe even win a car!
8. But most important meet new people;
9. And listen to what works and what doesnít.
10. I could tell my husband how entering really pays off!
11. I have never attended a National Convention.
12. I decided to go, without knowing anyone else.
13. I sent an email to an open forum looking for a roommate!
14. I found one!
15. Who wasnít a creepy guy lurking on a page.
16. Like my husband thought!
17. Who is a very nice lady,
18. That I have a lot in common with.
19. Whom I drove to Pittsburgh to meet!
20. I want to eat at Fogo de Ch„o and the extra $ would help.
21. And Take my new friend, Pat with me.
22. I would also like to go to Disney, again the extra $ would help.
23. I have never received a massage.
24. I would use the $ I put on a room for a massage!
25. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win and go to the 25th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention without breaking my childrenís college funds 
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tmy56 is offline
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Joined: Jun 2003
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Location: Upstate NY
I've been to one National convention - New Hampshire - and several of the Northeast minis in Hershey. I'd love to learn how to use Instagram & some of the newer methods of entering.

What I have enjoyed most & look forward to is the ENERGY that fills the room - it's motivating & fun!

And after this harsh winter, I want to go somewhere hot!!

  Old  April 21st, 2014, 11:32pm     #43
MesabaMama is offline
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Joined: Feb 2007
Posts: 2
I was able to attend the convention in Detroit years ago. Although I did win a single prize, I came away with many memories and learned a lot of tips about sweepstakes. I hope to make it to Orlando.
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makingadreamhome is offline
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Joined: Nov 2011
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First Convention
I have been sweeping for over 3 years now, and I have never been to a sweepstakes convention. I would love to learn new strategies and make some new friends! It would be a blast to meet other crazy sweepers like me.
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I have been sweepstaking since 1996, and have never been able to attend a national convention .
I would love to win the trip to Orlando. I would love to learn some tips on how to win big
Prizes. Also it would be great to get to meet some fellow OLS members.
Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to WIN a trip to the Orlando Convention .

You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it. Jimmy Dean
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