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PayPal Issues with OLS - Private Message Nicole!
Hello OLS Members,

The issue members are have with their subscriptions/accounts NOT automatically crediting their OLS subscriptions as soon as a payment is made via the PayPal link is still an ongoing issue!!

We will begin the process of manually crediting or refund members their subscriptions/payments made. If you purchase a subscription, PLEASE SEND NICOLE A PM (PRIVATE MESSAGE) and send your:
1. Paypal transaction ID #....NOT the Item Id #!
2. first & last name of person who paid via PayPal and
3. email address associated with PayPal account used

so she can look at manually crediting your account.

Please be patient and note Nicole is not on the site daily so bare with us in getting your accounts credited as soon as she can. TRY TO AVOID SENDING NUMEROUS PRIVATE MESSAGES unless you forgot to include all 3 items listed above, this will only slow down the process as she now has to sift through all her messages. Messages are answered in the order of the oldest messages to newest to work her way to the most recent messages.

FYI - the OLS email accounts (support and subscriptions) are no longer monitored and sending emails to those account vs sending a PM will not be answered!!

Thank You OLS!

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pushing to the top

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If you have sent Nicole a PM that is all that can be done at this point. Only one PM needed per user. She will work on credits next time she is online.

Trust me when I say that no one is more frustrated by this PayPal situation than Nicole, however she is the only one (aside from Brent) who can credit the PayPal memberships until Brent & PayPal have rectified the situation.

She will also credit memberships for any days lapsed - 3 days lapsed, 3 days added, etc

The mods & I wish there was something we could do to help - we feel your frustrations.

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Please bear with us a bit longer. We'll have this problem fixed and everyone's account credited as soon as we can.


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