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Smile New Scratch & Sniff Postage Stamps

News Release The U.S. Postal Service is providing customers of all ages with a treat for their senses with the release of its first scratch-and-sniff postage stamps. The aroma of the Frozen Treats Forever stamps will remind customers of the sweet scent of summer when mailing and receiving letters of love, friendship, party invitations and other correspondence.

Now available online or at your local Post Office.

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I want them!

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I need to pick some of these up. I still have my sticker collection from the 1980s! Loved scratch and sniff stickers.
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I was wondering when...I had heard that they were going to do it....
So, do really smell what they are supposed to me like? It reminds me of the scratch n sniff stickers we had back in the day- Wow, did I have a collection!

I am a spiritual being experiencing a human experience. it's all about love & light.
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Oh cool, I actually just placed an order for a sheet of these stamps and didn't even realize they were scratch and sniff lol. Looking forward to smelling them soon

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Wish I could enjoy them, but I lost my sense of smell 16 years ago.
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