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Freebies Guidelines

Please list any Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK), free codes, free tickets, etc in this area ~ will make it easier to look for and won't get buried in various other areas!

This area is currently open to all members and subject to change if it is abused.

Posting in freebies and asking for shipping is not free ~ a freebie should be shipped at no cost to the member wanting it. All posts asking for shipping will be moved to Prize Exchange unless you do not meet the prize exchange requirements and in that case it will be deleted.

Do not post links to Moola as they are a violation of OLS referral guidelines and will be deleted.

Full list of Prize Exchange rules can be found HERE

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Please remember to come back and close your thread or mark it gone so members know the item is no longer available.

Close thread:

Go to thread and click the Edit button
Click Go Advanced
Scroll to bottom left and click on the box that says "Close this thread after you submit message"
Click save and your thread will be closed

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