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Mike's ATV Text 2 Win Contest
MikesATV Text2Win sweepstakes was hacked. Over 50 of my sweepstakes friends on Facebook got a text notification they had won. Do not click on links sent by this sweepstakes. Don't want any sweepers info to be compromised. Did a reverse lookup of phone number sent in e-mail. The phone number doesn't trace back to the promotions company who is running promotion for Mike's ATV giveaway.

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I don't think I entered, but thank you for the heads up!
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I don't believe it was hacked. I and several family members who entered got the text then they later sent a retraction text saying it was an error. The drawing was today. Someone on another forum I'm on where there were probably 50 "winners" posted, called the company and was told it was an error and sent to about 1,000 people. Probably all that entered.
There are only 15 prizes but haven't heard of confirmed winners yet.

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