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I have a question
I would like to know how do I know , if when I checked my emails are real or spam ? I am still learning and need you Pros help Thank You Overflow for sweeps
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after a while - you can just tell. Usually (but not always), the subject line will give an indication. Until you reach that point, you will most likely need to open/scan each email. It is a learning experience and you will adapt and get better in spotting the junk over time.
For several years, I have become increasingly picky about what I enter for, so I can almost always "remember" if I've entered a sweep from someone that may be sending out emails.
Not sure if all email clients do this, but in gmail, if you hover your mouse over the senders name (before opening the email), it will give info as to WHO the email is really from. This helps alot and prevents me from opening up a true spam email.
Also, you can set up "filters" for specific keywords (winner, congratulations, etc.) so those emails will always go to the inbox. They may not always be "real", but easy enough for me to determine if they are or not.
Be sure to monitor your SPAM folder, as well. Some legitimate win notices may end up there.

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Everything margarita mama said plus

sometimes if you hover over sender you can see if it's a real address.

also if you're still puzzled about a specific email just post a question here. There are many smart and experienced people to help you on this site.

yay us!
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Make sure there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If there isn't, it is spam.
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Originally Posted by minbari View Post
Make sure there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If there isn't, it is spam.
I didn't know this. thanks!
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Hi overflow123. If I have a question about an email, I always check my saved contests to see if I entered it. You can not win a contest unless you entered it. Also, as others said, check where the email is from. Microsoft, PayPal, Toyota, etc. have their own domain names. If it is from Microsoft@ gmail.com or another free email, it is usually spam.
Check the spelling and grammar of the email, if it is not correct, be cautious. If it is addressed to "undisclosed recipients" rather than your name, it might be spam.
Wishing you luck. Hope you get a real one soon.

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Agree with the above comments specifically CHECK YOUR SPAM /JUNK BOX. Because so many of the companies send out mass e-mails, many go into spam. I have found more than one winning notification in there.
Also, many prizes just show up. If you have to give your address and the prize is on the smaller side (books, cd's...) you''ll just get a surprise in the mail.

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