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Opinions on Blog Sweeps
I don't entirely trust blog contests, but they do offer some pretty neat stuff sometimes. What are some of your opinions on blog sweeps? Should I sign up for them more?

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I think entering blog contests is truly a personal preference, some love them, some hate them. I personally love them and have had no issues that would make me not trust them.

take a look here.....this is my wins for the year, as you will see, most are blog wins and I have gotten everything except the last two which I just won

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Some love em and win a lot.. Others do not like em.. Check out this thread on blogs..

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I personally don't really like blog sweeps much since they take so much longer to enter. Many of them have much better chance for you to win though if you want to devote time to following and retweeting and all that stuff. I enter the few blogs that I am interested in if I have time to go through the lists. If I don't have time I don't worry much about them.

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I love blog sweeps (and host blog giveaways too), and I love them. Once you get a pattern down, they really can move quickly. The odds are so much better, and the prizes are getting better and better!

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I love them. I won two prizes in the last week from two different ones.
I am also a stay at home mom of a 6 year old little girl. So the articles and links interest me so when I subscribe, I am not just doing it for an extra entry, I am doing it because they have great info and insights!

Now if I could just win enough Marriott points or a GC for one free night at a hotel......


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Most blog giveaways are sponsored by actual companies .. those companies send out the prizes not the blog owners so you can generally trust them

(not that you wouldn't be able to trust the blog owner.. lol .. I just mean, if you were worried that an individual would not send the prizes)

Also.. I think most blog owners use Random.org to pick winners so it is completely random and legit
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I don't go looking for them.. have entered a few.. never won.. sometimes they have something I want like some baby items.

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I like them and have won quiet a lot of prizes from them. I like that the odds are better and usually I get my prize quick within a couple of weeks. There are some blogs I like more than others based on how they require you to enter. I don't mind tweeting and following and checking the sponsors website to pick my favorite item but I can't under stand the point of tweeting (3 extra posts) blogging (10 extra posts) etc. That takes a lot of time, they should just have one extra post for each extra thing you do.
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Do you enter the blogging contests? While I have won from 3- blogs (past 9- months) I cannot help but wonder how many have a "real chance of winning? I don't "like, tweet, follow. ect., etc.) so I am generally limited to one entry. When I returned (after being offline for a few months), I saw in the forums-questions about the validity of the blogging sweeps! Do they really give out prizes, do they give prizes to their family, etc. Recently while entering a Blog contest, I notice that it was open to bloggers and non-bloggers. This got me to thinking, how many of these entries are from fellow bloggers that "like, tweet, follow, etc., etc." While entering a Blogher $100 question contest, the question was from another blogger that is part of that network!

It is bad enough that many blogs require membership, but for them to require following, tweeting, liking , etc., etc., is an (in my opinion) an insult to the companies that provide the prizes. But, who am I to say? If the companies don't care, why should the bloggers? But, when a majority percentage of the entries are from fellow bloggers that like, tweet, follow, etc., etc. who wins the prize? It seems as if many of the prizes go from one blogger to another blogger that is tied into the network! Well, that is my opinion and if I am wrong-I apologise!
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oh, the irony...

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Originally Posted by fail View Post
Do they really give out prizes, do they give prizes to their family, etc. ... It seems as if many of the prizes go from one blogger to another blogger that is tied into the network!

The fact is, while some bloggy sweeps are exceedingly honest, others are quite crooked. It all depends on the person who is running that particular giveaway. And if the blogger is dishonest, you are SOL.

You know how the traditional sweeps and contests nearly always have a "rules and regulations" page including contact information? If something goes wrong, you know who is responsible and how to get in touch with them. The only reason most sponsors disclose that information (including how the prize winner is selected) because in most states, they are required by law to do so.

Ever notice how the blog sweeps rarely supply similar information? That's because there bloggers aren't required to tell you who they are, where they are, or exactly how their sweeps work. The people who enter just have to hope the blogger will do the right thing.

In fact, there is currently no regulatory body in charge of the blog giveaways. If the blogger decides to give the prize to a friend, relative, or keep it for herself (and some do!), there's nothing you can do about it. And, as you've noticed, most of the sponsors don't seem to care, either.

The lack of oversight is the reason a lot of people have stories about getting cheated out of the prizes they supposedly "won" from bloggy sweeps.

Another thing to consider -- some bloggers are quite outspoken about their contempt for sweepers. Trisha Haas, who runs momdot.com, has even come into these forums to tell us that she hates sweepers and she doesn't care who knows it.

My advice on this? Think about the person behind the blog. If they seem like someone you can trust, go for it. Give it a try. But if you don't feel good about the blog, or the person running it, keep your distance.

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I say enter all the blogs that have prizes you like! ONE TIME!
I do-not like doing blogs, but enter many! I feel that many of them are designed to place the prize in the hands of fellow bloggers by using the tweets, likes, follow, etc., etc. However, I further feel that if hundreds (perhaps thousands) of OLS members entered the bloggers will get the message! I will not enter the contest that require me to follow, etc. My one mandatory entry may not give me the best odds, but at least I have a chance. Further, while at the website of the sponsor, I will leave a message about my feelings about them using the blogs. Perhaps, (if ok with management) after filling out the entry form we could also type-in OLS and let them know we are watching!
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The sponsors likely get a lot more out of blog giveaways than "come to our entry form and blindly enter with Roboform and don't take a second to think about what we offer." Not only do they get the product in the hands of someone, but that person tells anyone reading their blog (and likely their friends and family), then the person who WINS gets the item and tells THEIR friends and family.

Let's face it--how often do sweepers really click around a sponsor's website to check out their goods? If we're just there to try to get something for free, chances are that we don't think much about their other products. Blog contests get the word out, and most of them require that you look around the sponsor's site--something many of us don't do if there's a one-click entry form to access.
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I still don't understand HOW to use that Twitter thingie, so I am not much on blog contests

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