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call of duty lback Ops 4 beta key
I am not sure if this can be shared. But if you take the code please post here so everyone looking will know.

congratulations! Not only are you one of the few who got a Beta Key for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4* Blackout, but you get to play a FULL DAY EARLY on September 14th, 2018! Jump in and experience the gritty, grounded, fluid multiplayer combat ahead of the launch October 12th.

Your Beta Key: GM04-XCYYY-2XJ0

Code Redemption Instructions:

Visit www.callofduty.com/pcbeta and sign into your Activision* account, or create a free account if you donít have one.
Enter your code, select Battle.net, choose your location and then hit Submit.
You will receive a message indicating that your Beta code was accepted.
Your Beta token will be delivered to the email you have provided for your Activision account closer to the Beta start date.
Once you receive the Beta token, redeem it on Blizzard Battle.net per the instructions in the email.
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