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Smile Hi Everyone! Question regarding magazine sweepstakes!?

Hi everyone,

I see a TON of magazine type sweepstakes when I look at the "daily" entries. Most of these usually have the same prize repeated like crazy and after entering my info it makes me watch a video to complete my entry, sometimes though I receive an email without watching the video saying they received my entry.

So my question is, do I REALLY need to watch the video after entering these? Or is it more of a sponsor type thing to strongly suggest you watch it?

TIA, Brittni!
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Depends on the Magazine if you have to watch the ad to gain entry.

Another sneaky thing some magazines do is have the term 'creative presentation' in the rules. What that means is they may or may not award prizes for that sweepstakes. Basically they draw once from a large pool of sweeps to decide which one they are awarding prizes for. Then again from within the one they choose to determine winners. You could be entering a sweepstakes they never even award any prizes for. Even more frustrating is these creative presentations can run for years, with 100's of entry points with varying levels of prizes. What are the odds they choose a sweeps that has low value prizes, vs one with a Car or large cash prize? High, they offer far far more presentations with cheap prizes then good ones. That is assuming they are not crooked in the first place.

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Thumbs up Ah
Thank you so much for the reply, I've just basically been avoiding those now for the sake of my own sanity lol
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