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Auto Zone tickets
DH just got an email he won tickets and parjking pass to FedEx St. Jude Classic in Memphis. I can't find the sweep. Any help would be appreciated.
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I just got the same notice and can't find anything in searching. There had to be other prizes because I wouldn't enter for golf tickets...
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I got the same thing!! I live too far away and I don't remember entering something for tickets. I looked up the price for tickets they are $40.00 each and the parking pass is $15.00.
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I got this too... some sort of spam perhaps?

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Dear Customer,

We recently sent an email about tickets to the FedEx St. Jude Classic by mistake. If you received this email, we apologize for the mix-up. While we wish we could give tickets to everyone, this email was only supposed to go to select winners.

Thank you for understanding. If you'd like to know about promotions like this in the future, as well as receive exclusive deals, tips and coupons, you can sign up for AutoZone Rewards here.


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I got a winning email, then the famous oops !!! Really crappy being I have not won in a while, only for it to be taken away .... so fast !!!!

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tickets to golf
I also received that email and then a followup email stating they were sorry but they only intended to contact the winners and I wasn't a winner.
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Yea, I wasn't even excited. I knew I wouldn't have entered anything in Memphis, TN unless transportation was included. LOL
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Me too
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Same here

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Count me in!
Me too.
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No bad email for me. My wins have been so scarce that I couldn't even win this one
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I got the same. Fortunately, I saw the oops before I saw the congrats. Could not and would not have gone and it didn't look like you could pass the tix off to a friend or relative since you had to show up at will call with picture ID.

Oh well. I bet some poor soul really got into trouble over that one. Ouch.
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Too bad.
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I got the email and the oops. We don't golf so it was kind of surprising and then not too disappointing.

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