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Hershey Mini Is Almost Here!!!
I was looking at the calendar today and I can`t believe how close it is until the 3rd Annual Northeastern Mini Convention aka Hershey Mini. We have fabulous donations coming in for door prizes!! I`m going to once again place the Hershey Mini Websites url in this post. If you have been holding out to register, now is the time to take that step.

Also, if you have any questions in regards to the mini, more answers can be found on the HMC site. If you can`t find the information you are more then welcome to post in the forums. Your post will be answered by one of the coordinators. Oh yes, you do not need to be a registrant of the HMC to use the forums.

There are some registration spots available, with hopes of selling out soon. We look forward to seeing and meeting you there.


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Will be in San Antonio
If you are going to San Antonio, I will be there. I will answer any questions you may have, but I cannot take money and reservations from you down there. Just a long-standing understanding we have had with national as far as cash being exchanged. Just keep mailing the registrations in to the address on the registration form. We have someone watching the mail to grab them while I'm away!!!!
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