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Originally Posted by TinyMoMo
((Sound of crickets chirping))

Umm....I'll take that as
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Originally Posted by TDAWG
Well... After driving around for an hour in circles (shut up! you know who I'm talking to) I dropped Kiss off at the Greyhound station around 4 today... I'm anxiously awaiting details of the live in bus entertainment!

BUTT? Is that some sort of CRACK?

If you only knew........
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Originally Posted by birdpix
Have a blast!

PS - As a former Detroiter, let me remind you that if you hear loud "BANG BANG" sounds...


Chances are, it's not fireworks!

Wish I were there with ya'll though - even if it is next to Detroit!
When I was up for my 20th reunion a few years back, even with the "new" construction of casino's and such, the areas just past all those improvements remained as war-torn looking and dangerous as they were when I worked downtown in the 80's.

Seriouslly, do be extra careful there folks - keep your "big city eyes" wide open at all times while having a great time!
Sorry, I was in Europe during the convention and live in Livonia, about 20 minutes from Dearborn. However, I work in Downtown Detroit [overlooking the Greektown Casino] and this city is no different than any other city. We certainly have our share of problems, but it is not nearly as bad as some of you may have imagined. There are many area that need major improvements, but Downtown is awesome.

My company has offices in suburban Southfied, which is closer to my home, I worked there for 4 year and hated every minute because it is not DOWNTOWN. Free concerts in the park

I love Detroit and always will. It is not a horrible place to live or visit. Please don't make fun or bad mouth my city.


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