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Thank you generous ols
WOW! I was blown away by how generous OLS was in donating cash prizes for the convention. OLS (Brent) matched most money won in the Deal or No Deal game. At each and every session or game played where prizes where given away, you heard "And a $100.00 cash from OLS!" MULTIPLE times! Sweepers who use this board need to know, and can be proud of, how generous OLS is and how Brent gives back to this hobby!

Winners never quit and quitters never win!
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You are so correct! We heard "OLS donated" so many times.....Brent was the other Santa at the convention. He rocks!
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SOunds like you all had such a great time. I am sorry my plans in going didn't work out.
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I was very impressed with the generosity of Brent and OLS, as well.

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OLS truly represented and Brent was VERY generous.

Undergoing maintenance
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I was a very proud member of the OLS community and impressed with Brents generousity also! (Although I would have been even more impressed if Brent had played Deal-No Deal with only the OLSers at the Convention. Just once.....just joking!)

Last edited by Gmaw; September 1st, 2008 at 11:07pm.

Life is good. Love it, live it to the fullest!
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I was impressed too. The non-OLS people I was with also noticed and will be joining partially for that reason too.

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Yes I posted this sentiment on another thread. It was nice to meet him and thank him for being so gernerous. I think the competition between several fine newsletters well presented this year. Valerie
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He is indeed a very generous man! Thanks Brent!!!!
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Brent? Brent who?
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2008 Stampede made FUN by OLS
OLS, you out did yourself and we all noticed. Thanks for the generous gifts you kept giving at the convention in San Antonio.

It would have been more fun if I would have been called up front, but it was not my weekend. That means I have BIG WINS coming soon, right?????

Brent and OLS Staff, I salute you. Thanks.

Also, thanks for the trial membership (3 months) cards you gave out. That was a NICE surprise.

Laurie B in Texas

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glad everyone's home safely and....
thanks brent for your extreme generosity. you helped make the convention even better with your presence and presents, LOL!

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Thanks sooo much, Brent!!!
Steve and I would also like to thank Brent big time for the huge amount of prizes money that was donated on behalf of OLS. You made so many people's lives a little bit better this weekend.

Was also great meeting your Nicole and spending the time with all of the fellow OLSers. Thanks for such a memorable weekend from both of us!!
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