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Arrow To ALL Members: PLEASE READ (regards to sweep submissions)
We appreciate all of you that take the time to submit sweepstakes to OLS. However, too many of the new sweeps being listed are being submitted with shortened URLs (ie: bit.ly), through woobox, gleam, viralsweeps and others and it has become a big problem.

They do not come up as duplicates if the sweep is already listed with the correct URL. It is also a way for referral IDs to be hidden in the links.

To avoid this, please read the rules and use the link provided in the rules when submitting a sweeps. Please check for the sponsors homepage to verify that they are legitimate. Sweeps from random people on YouTube, woobox etc... that do not have any real rules are most likely spam.

Effective immediately, all sweeps with shortened URLs will be deleted from the listings as will all sweeps in which a legitimate sponsor cannot be determined.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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Bumping this up because we have a few members that have been submitting nothing but short links (hard to tell if they are dupes, or what we are actually clicking on) and also submitting sweeps that are referrals (which is NOT allowed).

Please, we love your submissions, but please follow the rules for submitting sweeps and try to find a regular link and NO REFERRALS.

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