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What A Wonderful Experience to Offer!
What a wonderful prize to offer! I will just tell my story a little and why I'd like to go!

I am 30 years old, and actually live in Las Vegas! We moved here last fall. I have an autoimmune disease and have been very sick, every day for about five years. We moved to Orlando four years ago and I had no idea that my disease would be the least of my worries. I became sicker and sicker and it turns out I was nearly poisoned to death by mold in not one, but two of our apartments. There were months where I was hardly able to even walk to the bathroom. We decided to move to Vegas because of how dry it is, with no chance of mold. I am recovering now, I am able to go shopping now and have fun in the casinos! It will be a very long road ahead of me, and I will never be back to full health but I am so happy to be alive!

I wanted to attend the convention in Orlando but was too ill to walk that much. Now that it is in Vegas, it would be a wonderful event for me to attend! Since I stay home most days while my boyfriend works, I don't know anyone in town. It would be great to be around like-minded folks who I can talk to about my hobby! I love to do contests and sweepstakes because it offers hope of what tomorrow might bring!
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How About A Guy Winning
I would love to win this trip to the convention...I am already going and love the conventions, Vegas and my wife...this would be the cherry on the Sundae!
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Vegas 2016
I hope to renew my love of entering sweepstakes by attending the convention! My favorite thing at the convention is the banquet night!
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I would love to win!! never been to a convention before!! I would love to meet fellow Olser's!! thanks for the chance!!
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I have been to several conventions in the past, but many years ago! I enjoyed meeting sweepers from around the country and hearing about the prizes they have won. I would love to attend again and reinvigorate my interest in the sweeping . . . I've seemed to have lost my sweeping mojo in the past year.
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I've never been to a sweepstakes convention before and would like to meet other people interested in sweepstakes/contests. I hope to learn how to win call-in contests.
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