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Vegas will be convention #5. Seems every time, I learn something new. I really enjoy spending time with fellow sweepers, making new friends and catching up with others.

Here's hoping #5 is a lucky one for me
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would LOVE to go to Vegas!
I have been to one other convention and that was Orlando's, I would love to go again! I enjoy meeting up with others who share this insane passion for prizes and I always am ready to learn new ways to enter sweepstakes and contests! I really enjoyed the Instragram informational they gave, I can now post pictures to win prizes that way! The guest speaker, Richard Lustig was entertaining and gave good info about lotteries and how to win there!

I enjoy Las Vegas!
Haven't been there in many years but I wouldn't mind the heat at all, after being in ice and snow here in Northern Ohio. I could have my bags packed and ready to go in a heartbeat!

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Post needing a vacation
I am needing a vacation and what better way than to learn more ways to WIN BIG in the SWEEPS WORLD.

"It is never to late to be what you might have been." George Eliott
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I'd like to attend because it'd be awesome to be around people who GET IT & won't say things like "Hey, give me that iPad, you got it for free!"

I'd really like to learn about text entries & how to find them. How DOOOOO you guys do it?!

Also, I'd like to go to Vegas! We've only been in the airport, which I just don't think is the real Vegas.
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Smile love to attend
I would love to visit Las Vegas. Oh yeah, they also have a sweepstakes convention at the same time.

This will be my fifth annual convention.
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Would love to win this...
Hello Online Sweeps staff and friends. I have been to NSC before. This will be my 4th time. I am going to Vegas however I would love to take a friend with me. A friend who is deaf. I am the only deaf sweeper. I have been trying to get my friends to sweep with me. Most of my friends keep on telling me how lucky I am whenever I win something. I want to show some of my deaf friends what's it like going to NSC. I know I will be the only deaf sweeper there. I want to have a company and a newbie deaf sweeper like me.

It's fun to attend NSC but with 500 plus sweepers who are hearing and just one deaf sweeper (Of course that's me). I never complain about it but would love to have a deaf sweeper with me. Even if I don't have deaf sweeper friend with me. I am thankful for my sweeper friends that will help me with what's going on at NSC.

Happy Sweeping to you all! Good Luck and Thank you OSL for this chance and contest.
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I would want to win because it's so cool to be surrounded by others that are as enthusiastic about this hobby as myself!

I have been to one other national convention, in Detroit. Lots of fun and lots of winning! Looking forward to going to the Michigan convention this Saturday.

If I won this trip, I would like to hear speakers talk about the new ways to enter like Instagram and Snapchat. If I win, I already plan on taking my good friend, a local sweeper, that I met here on OLS.

Good luck, everyone!
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I would want to win because just going to the convention is so much fun...meeting new and old people and learning about different ways to win and then the convention being in LasVegas is really a treat!
  Old  April 6th, 2016, 3:07pm     #54
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I want to learn
I would love to learn hot to enter Pinterest and Instagram contests, and would love to meet many of my online sweeper friends in person!
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I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new friends.

I'm also looking forward to the speakers. I always learn something new. Can't wait for the Vegas convention.
  Old  April 6th, 2016, 5:51pm     #56
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It's Vegas, I enjoy seeing convention friends, I always learn something new and April 10 is my birthday, so what better win?

My Wins
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This will be my second convention - last year being the first! Few exciting things to mention - FIRST meeting OLS members that you always message and have never met - and second - BOY it was exciting -- didn't know what to expect but it was a whirlwind! Thanks for sponsoring again!

Rose's Wins
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I would like to connect with some of my fellow OLS members in person.

Plus - hey, its Vegas! I very seldom pass up an opportunity to win a trip to my favorite place to visit.

My Motherload of Wins
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I would love to go to a sweepstakes convention, I have been hearing about the sweepers getting together and having fun and enjoying each other, ever since I first started sweeping in 2001. This trip would be a dream come true and a chance to rub heads with the best of the best.

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I want to attend because I want to learn more about the various methods of sweeping and connect with the awesome OLSers I've chatted with over the years

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