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Originally Posted by thundermace2000
Try the system restore ... i posted how to do this in another thread but being it may be a virus there are a few things about windows XP that make it more difficult to get rid of one.

1. The system restore points can be infected.

2. Even if you removed the virus, Windows XP uses something called a prefetch. It caches programs in memory prior to loading to give programs the appearance of running and loading faster. Virus tend to get into the Prefetch and re-infect a cleaned computer. To ensure that a virus does not re-infect, go to the c:\Windows\Prefetch folder and delete all the files in it. The will recreate themselves as you use programs. It also speeds the boot process by deleting these files periodically.

3. If the virus is self propigating it may have entered itself into the startup files on your PC. To ensure this is not the case you will need to examine the START -> Programs -> Startup folder for any unusual entries. Also in the registry there is a hidden startup called the run folder. This is where normal helper programs run from when the system is booted. these helper programs are usually located near the clock as icons. But it seems your a novice so I wont tell you how to access the registry directly because you can also damage your pc severely. So get the HIjackthis! program and get a scan and post the results. I will then be able to tell what is say to remove and what is not.

4. There is a free utility from McAfee that scans for and removes most major Pain viruses. It is free and it is called Stinger. To use this download and execute. It will scan the entire contents of the PC for any known PAIN in THE BUTT Viruses and remove them.

5. The next pain in the ASS caused by Windows XP is the fact that each user has his own profile located in Documents and Settings. If it is a Internet type virus it may infect multiple profiles. Stinger should catch this but if you are not using such a program you can miss this as well.

Hope all this information helps you so you dont have to reformat.
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