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DailyBreak - has anyone won?
Has anyone ever won from them? I never bothered to enter but was going to start once I saw the Lindt chocolate contest ! LOL. The only problem is, it says 50 entries per day....crazy.
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A couple of years ago I won a $100GC to Cheesecake Factory.

You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it. Jimmy Dean
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That's a lot of cheesecake! Congrats on your win!
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I've been wondering if anyone ever won, too. After entering for years, with never a win, I feel like I'm wasting a LOT of time there for nothing. It is discouraging.

I'm glad you won the Cheesecake Factory GC.
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Glad to hear someone has won from them!

Yum, Cheesecake Factory!
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not yet
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I won a $25 gift card to overstock last year, nothing since. It's now even harder to get any points from spins. I seem to get the spin for 1 point times 5 spins is only 5 points. That's not very good. I wonder if it's worth it too. I wonder about a lot of things being worth my time!
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I emailed them about the spins - told them there were better odds in Vegas and now I wouldn't worry if I didn't get to the site daily because it didn't matter. They did say that you always get 1 point for spinning - yipee!
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I won a pair of nice Stereo Headphones from the last year but have quit using the site of late because of them always changing the points system.

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I still do them daily.
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I won a $50 Amazon giftcard. Only entered 6 tickets to win. So it can be done.
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I won an Uber gift card earlier this year.
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I won an AMC Gift Certificate awhile ago, which I've been hoarding to use as a date night. Might go this week and use it actually since I just redeemed from Coca Cola to get free popcorn there too.
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Never, and I entered dozens of sweeps on their site.
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I should add I get most of my points NOT from spinning but from doing the breaks. You can do 10 a day. I just right click and open them, scroll down to the bottom and collect my points. They're supposed to give you 4-5 points per, but I usually get 6 points for the 4 point ones because I'm in a higher bracket? I also have access to more prizes in the store then the first tier.

But they do a lot of sponsored breaks where you might spend 1-2 minutes MAX doing a quick quiz, clicking next a few times and maybe doing a matching game etc. Those pay 10-50 points. I usually earn at least 50 points a day.
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