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I don't play games or do voting, just strictly sweepstaking. If you follow me on twitter, please let me know you're from OLS & I'll follow back.
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Here is another test site:

This one I got:
Ping 68ms
down: 1.97 mbps
up: 0.43mbps

This is working pretty good right now. Pretty sure they have oversold the slots out here cause sometimes it's like dial-up. The tech is coming tomorrow to change out the router. A couple of days ago he ran a new phone line and put in a new jack. He has to go through all these motions before he can say the slots are over sold. Thank God this time it's not costing me anything it's all under warranty.

Most of the time the AT&T test won't even load cause it's going so slow. Let's see now....

down 1.97
up 0.43

again right away


My internet is up and down all day and night! I sure hope they can do something to make this right!

I have AT&T DSL in a rural area!
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