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Tabernacle Choir & Banquet Information
The first of several Convention Countdown emails went out today to all Registered Attendees who have submitted their email address. Please check your INBOX and SPAM folders for this email. They will contain IMPORTANT information on different things pertaining to the Convention. See you soon. If you need to ask a question please do so by emailing us at the official email address of saltlakecityut2013 at gmail dot com

Click here for the archived link to this information!
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I got the e-mail and sent some questions. How long should it take for a response? Sent early this morning.

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Give it a few days, with less than two weeks till convention, you can imagine we are totally swamped with emails. If there is something time sensitive, you can PM me, but otherwise I would just ask that you be patient with us. Thanks for understanding.

See you soon.

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What a memory maker
Went over to listen to the Tabernacle Choice with some of my OLS buddies. What an awesome event!!! It is a memory of a lifetime. Singing the American songs made my hair stand on end - they were that good. I'll be raving about it to my granddaughter who just started violin lessons this year....she's gotta stay with it.
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