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Location: Massachusetts
I want to go with my wife this year and attend my first convention. Hope to learn some insider tips.
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Salt Lake City 2013!!!
Atlanta was my first National Sweepstakes Convention. It was fun as the only deaf sweeper with 2 sign language interpreters. I'd like to attend another NSC and to meet some of my new online sweeping friends and to see another part of the United States.

When I win this contest I want to bring a local friend to Salt Lake City and share my love for Sweeping with a Brand New Sweeper as well as meet up with old friends from last year. Especially Lori Goldstein “My Jewish Mother”.
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Always have fun at the conventions, would love to make it to SLC!! Love to meet new friends and see old ones.
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Would love a chance to go...... Single Mom winning is the only way I can afford a trip and would like to learn how other people are winning

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