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I attended my first and only convention several years ago in Arizona. I had a great time. My favorite part was the main dinner gala where everyone dressed up and had a nice fancy dinner. I got to spend time with my local sweeping friends. Prizes were announced and everyone was so excited! I really enjoyed meeting people in person that I previously only knew from the internet.

I guess I would be interested in learning anything I don't already know. I'm pretty up on all the new social media apps. But there's always something new to learn.

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I've been an OLS member since 2002, and I went "Green" as soon as it was offered. I've been lucky enough to win 4 HOF prizes over the years, and I credit my membership in OLS with making that possible. I've never attended an OLS Convention, and I think I would have a blast meeting fellow OLSers and getting some insight into other members' experiences as sweepers. I think we're a very special bunch of people, and I would love to have an "up close and personal" experience with everyone in Utah!

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i'd like to meet the folks behind OLS, and lots of other OLS'ers

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I really want to be able to attend my first Sweepstakes Convention. I want to learn about the "behind the scenes" of how sweepstakes happen from the various speakers, and I hope to learn how to win more and more often. I have been in a bit of a slump lately and could benefit from this boost. I would love to see and meet other OLS'rs, whose stories of their wins serve as inspiration to me.

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I want to attend a National Sweepstakes Convention because I currently have a goatee. Goatees are disarming. I often hear people say, “Hey, who’s that disarming guy with the goatee?” (Sorry, trying to be creative here! ) I hope to learn a little more about sweepstaking but a whole lot more about my fellow OLSers.

I have not attended a past conventions but I'm looking forward to experiencing my very first one!

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It would be exciting to meet other sweepsters like myself to share tips and Strategies. Also to make new found friends. It will be nice to see Utah as well, never been.
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I have been sweeping off and on for nearly 15 years and have never attended a National Sweepstakes Convention, although I've attended and have been a part of a Mini.

I'm interested in learning about text sweeps. I currently do not text and want to know if it's worth investing the money to turn on text capabilities on my account.

I would love to meet some new sweepers and hopefully see some OLS friends!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!!


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I want to go because there are so many prizes that they give away at convention. So much fun to learn new things and meet other sweepers that you only know by their user name on here. And it is especially fun to win at convention!

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I have never attended the National Convention. Every year I read posts from attendees and my interest is always piqued. I know that I would enjoy myself. It would be great to be with others who share the same passion for sweeping and to learn from those folks. Thank you for this opportunity.
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I attended my first national convention when it was held in Moline, Illinois, and that's where I met a lot of the OLS gang including KB and Brent. They were all just awesome and we all (OLSers as well as other attendees) became immediate sweeping buddies!!!

We look forward to seeing each other every year, and the excitement of this convention has since spun off to where I host the Northeast Mini convention.

Anyhoo, this year's trip is the most expensive for me, especially with trying to save for two weddings (mine - got engaged New Year's Eve --- yep I'm taking the plunge!!) and for my son Stephen's (2015).

I almost had to pass on attending Salt Lake, but decided I just can't -- especially with me doing genealogy research on my family for the past ten or so years. This opportunity to go to the library and to see the choir are like a dream come true.

Sooo I've put up the funds and have been trying desperately to enter and win all cash and travel contests to help fund the trip. Then today I found this contest - just before getting ready to head to Michigan for another sweeping function.

So Universe hear my plea.....and please stop the randomizer at me!!
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I have been to many of the conventions over the years and hosted the second convention in 1991. I've made many friends over the years and look forward to seeing them again each time I go. I am so glad I attended the Atlanta Convention as it was the last time I saw my good friend who I met in New York at a win we both won. We saw each other several times since then and had some fun times. I will always remember her and will miss her greatly.
  Old  April 4th, 2013, 4:36pm     #57
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Thanks for the MOC!

I would love to win since I have never been to a Sweepstakes Convention and haven't been to Utah.

I would like to meet my fellow sweepers and learn their sweeping tricks!

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I enjoy meeting friends and making new ones.
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I'd love to meet everyone. I wanna shake Brent's hand and thank him for all the wins I have had, and the hours of camaraderie I have found here at OLS. (Oh who is fooling who??? I would hug him)

I have had such a bad year...this trip would give me a much needed break from the hellish state we are currently living in....AND I wanna go my first Sweep Convention by winning the trip. How cool is that?

thank you for the chance.

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I think it would be fun to go. It would be interesting meeting the people here face to face, and hearing their stories about prize winnings!
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