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convention wins!
i won some utah honey,a lucky tshirt,8 stamps.envies and 30 coke points!
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Congrats, I got $100, $25 Shutterfly Gift Card, sweeping supplies and my favorite win, an chance to spend time with new friends and old.
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Congrats Beanie!!! Had a great time talking to ya and rooting for ya this week!!! Hope you got a lot of sleep on the way home.....now back to entering sweepstakes and winning.

See ya next year or on the road......

Remember....it's Carol.....like Christmas Carol..........
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This was absolutely the most wins I had for any of the 8 conventions I've been to.

My first was a small Shell Oil drawstring backpack filled with a variety of sweep supplies including some "Shape" postcards, about 8 different types of writing instruments, address book, shipping labels and a package of 4 x 6 foam pieces to use as postcards. It also had a 1 lb. bag of peanut M and M's

Later on Friday, I won $100 which was donated by Brett of OLS (Thanx) and a second zippered black tote with a $25 PF Chang's GC plus more sweep supplies.

My favorite prize win came at banquet. It was when my name and Wendy McMahon's were announced as the 1st Place winners of the Centerpiece Contest. Contact me and will be happy to send a picture of the award winning creation. I was so excited didn't even know what we won till I went up to the stage and accepted an envelope with $75 which we split.

Sunday before convention ended I won a snack bag filled with Goldfish crackers, pretzels, Chex Mix, cookies and a couple other items.

420 days until the 2014 25th National Sweepstakes Convention in Orlando which will be held August 27-31. It also will mark the Silver Anniversary of this event.

Please use the link below, help me earn extras swagbucks when naming me as the referral and then search so your "Swag Bucks" will begin adding up too. http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/meuclafan
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Wow, congratulations on the great wins!!!!
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Just got through my stash to post what all I won this year:

1. a $25 Target gift card
2. a nice gift set of lotions donated by Robyn Needham --- thanks so much Robyn!!
3. a bag full of scrapbook paper handmade envelopes donated by Donna V. (Thanks so much Donna (and great to win with donationa by both of this year's organizers!!!)

At banquet one of the Bee-nanza bags full of bee items mostly for the patio (which is under construction and was being enclosed while I was out at the convention....rain out on the east coast put it way behind schedule, but it is awesome so far!!

Another win --- valuable time spent with some of my near and dear sweeping buddines all week long!!!

Another huge win for me -- finding informaiton at the Family Research Library on both my grandparents and great-grandparents. Names were transcribed wrong on Ancestry.com so never could find anything, but they had both of their marriage certificates in their database which will open a huge hole and roadblock in our family tree!! Awesome!!!

What a great convention all week long !!! Miss it already!!! Change jar already underway to pay way to Orlando for me, fiance, Hottie and his girlfriend so far!!!
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Congrats on your wins everyone.

"Once we choose HOPE, EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE" ~ Christopher Reeve
Come check out my blog, please follow if you would like. Looking to get the word out about your company, etsy shop, etc, please give me a shout as I am actively seeking sponsors for reviews and giveaways.
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My first win of the convention was actually my Trip Win to the 2013 National Sweepstakes Convention. All expenses paid. A BIG THANK YOU to Brent and OLS for the trip giveaway. It was an awesome way to attend my first convention.

I had two wins at the convention
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card from The Carolina Sweepers
  • One night hotel stay that I traded for CASH since my hotel was part of my win
I really enjoyed my first convention and hope to be at the Orlando convention next year. My CASH win went right into the CASH/STASH for the Orlando trip. DH said he would like to go with me. I better fill up that CASH/STASH for a trip for two.
Originally Posted by CARAN52 View Post
Change jar already underway to pay way to Orlando for me, fiance, Hottie and his girlfriend so far!!!

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours.
-- Swedish Proverb
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Congrats on all your wins!!

Sounds like you guys had fun.
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