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"Why did the sweep I submitted disappear?" - Answers
There are several reasons a submitted sweep can be deleted. They include:

- Duplicate (already listed)
- Site appears to be a spam generator
- Lack of rules, dates, or privacy policy
- Open to fewer than 5 states, or Canada only (should be posted in the local forum)
- Snail mail only, or online entry requires a purchase (should be posted in the snail forum)
- Phone-in or text messaging entry only (should be posted in the phone-ins forum)
- Site contains links to other sweeps sites, but not OLS
- Site contains explicit adult content

Thank you for taking the time to find and submit sweepstakes listings! Your efforts are appreciated. Please don't be discouraged if they sometimes disappear.

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Time for a bump
Just bumping this up.

We are getting a lot of submissions from people (and we do appreciate the submissions ) that are so bare for information that the editors and mods are doing all the work on the submissions. Some show up with just one url, no prize information, just with a title and the main url ~ please put all the information that you can find in the submission. They don't have to be perfect (we don't expect that), but the urls would make it easier for us to get them checked out and validated quicker.

Thanks again for all your submissions, they are very much appreciated.

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