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Grain Free Dog Food Warning
I see that we have a sweep listed for grain free dog food so I thought I should mention that on July 19th
there was a warning issued, "FDA: Grain-free dog food may cause heart disease." I think the gist of it was that dogs need grains to complete the amino acids they need.

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Odd, because wild canines do not eat grains, right?

But that amino acid taurine is not present in most of these foods. I guess the problem occurs when that is all you feed the dog.

The dry food we are now using, Wellness Core RevRaw, has taurine listed in the ingredients, as well as the peas and lentils. And my dog also gets good quality wet food.

I spoke to my vet's tech, she communicated back that he does not approve of the grain free as the only food. So I think we are okay with this combination.

I do encourage you all to check into your dog's food and consider this information.


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