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Pinecone research, any one else having trouble
I've belonged to Pinecone for years now but lately I've not been able to sign in at their website, even though I use the
same information to sign in for surveys and it works fine. I've written to them but no reply. Also I live
alone and the last two surveys asked about people in my household but would not accept one person, keeps telling me I need to list two persons. Anyone else having trouble with them? I have quite a lot
of credits coming and am getting very upset that I can't log in at their site.

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I just checked their site and all I get is unsecure link page. I have been having problems with them for a while. I turned in all of my points a few months back because I was getting wary of them. I had done a few surveys where I got right to the end where it asks what you thought of the survey and it would crash and I didn't get credit. I wrote them and they said there was no record of me doing the survey but if I went back in to the survey it said I had already done it. I also wasn't getting more than maybe 1 every month or two so I've basically given up on them.
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I have no problem in Chrome but it comes up with the unsecure page in FF

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