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Red face
East Stroudsburg,Pennsylvania
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Lexington Ky
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Muskegon, MI

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Harvest, Alabama
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No longer in Bloomington, Indiana. We now live in Arcanum, Ohio. Thanks for maintaining this list! Its fun to look at!

When illusion spin her net, I'm never where I want to be. And liberty, she pirouette, when I think that I am free.
Albainn gu brąth
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asheville NC
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Smile Georgia
My husband and I used to live in Douglasville. We live in Hiram (Paulding County) now, which is also part of metro Atlanta. I'd like to hear from other Georgia Sweepers.

maudre -- Alpharetta, GA
maudie -- Alpharetta, GA
mrsdoctorgirlfriend -- Augusta, GA
sweetie1972 -- Augusta, GA
chelly_1022 -- Savannah, GA
mystery250-- Savannah, GA
madammayham -- Savannah, GA
missybeetoo -- Rockmart, GA
Quiche122 -- Martinez, GA
marblesgirl -- Columbus, GA
Mrsbivens -- Powder Springs, GA
tholix -- Cobbtown, GA
Greenly -- Quitman, GA
kaaas -- Canton, GA
Beetlebug -- Collins, GA
dixie -- Statesboro,ga
tamarisk100-- Statesboro, Georgia
pjbrad -- Euharlee, GA
crazypeach -- Cedartown, GA.
Mitzione -- West Point/Lagrange, GA
tracycalgal-- Jonesboro, GA......
lulabelle96-- Chatsworth, GA
cyph0r-- Tucker, GA
campal-- Barnesville, GA
mrssquigg-- Loganville, GA.
elb622-- Macon, Ga
shaddy335-- Commerce, Ga
fail-- Lawrenceville Georgia
jennireesa-- Marietta, GA
IplaymyGuitar-- Rome, Ga
goldylox-- Walnut Grove, Georgia
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Smile Jasper, Texas
What a fun post you started! Thanks for caring and sharing!
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Wink neighbors probably

Last edited by lisagee; February 28th, 2009 at 5:58am.
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Smile Los Altos, CA
Hey all you Bay Area sweepers!

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Smile hey y'all!
I'm in Summerville, South Carolina (next door to Charleston). I'd love to hear from any of my neighbors! Happy sweeping everybody!!

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West River
Rapid City, SD
anyone else out here????????

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Cartersville, GA
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Germantown, MD
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