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Meet people I've only posted with and hopefully learn some new tricks.....

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I have been to several conventions..I always learn info from the speakers but the best part is just being around other sweepers.....I love learning about new ideas for entering sweeps some speakers have.

Susan T
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Coastal Sunshine
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Salt Lake I come!
I want to attend to meet people who have the same strange addiction as I do. Most "regular" folks just don't get this hobby. I want to learn more tricks of the trade.

The only other convention I attended was in San Antonio (as I live in south Texas), enjoyed all the different talks and especially the drawings and I'm looking forward to some great talks.

Aren't we supposed to be collecting "bee" stuff!

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I want to win because - I've never been to a convention, I need a vacation, I know Brent is real but still need to see him in person, I'd like to meet fellow sweepers and OLSers.

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I really want to win because I don't have the money to get out there. I have been to the last two, and hope to get to the third! Besides....partying with KB is an experience in itself!

Jason Block
  Old  April 2nd, 2013, 12:21pm     #36
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Thumbs up Wow this would be a neat trip
It would be really interesting to meet fellow sweepsters and gain insight into their techniques. It is really hard to figure out what type of vendors you would have at this type of convention? The only other convention I had attended was back in the 80's in San Francisco--computer festival, and their you would get to learn of different products --computers, software etc

I can't think of many products vendors would sell to sweepsters.

If don't win, congratulations to the person that does win. I am always happy for our winners.
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I would love this opportunity to mingle with other sweepers, since I don't know any just from the OLS site. I have been sweeping for about 28 years ever since I won a table top Donkey Kong game and 6-pack of Mountain Dew. I know I need a few pointers and I believe this National Convention could help me. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
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How wonderful it is going to a National Convention. You meet such wonderful people. I still think of the Atlanta one with all the smiling faces. Every one is happy and thrilled to be there.

I would like to learn more about Twitter. I just don't get that and instagram!

Your judgment will not make the world a better place. Only love can do that. Only grace.
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At past conventions, I've loved meeting new people and hearing stories of wins and trips. This year, I'm really looking forward to seeing friends who I haven't seen in a while and I"m always on the lookout for new sweeping tips.

See you guys in June!

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I love going to convention because I like learning about all of the new things that are happening in sweep staking.
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Meeting other sweepers and maybe learning a thing or two. Also, have always wanted to go.

He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it...
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O' Boy! I look forward to this giveaway every year. Such a great prize.

Why I want to attend the convention- I have been to several conventions and have meet some great sweepstakers. I have never been to SLC and I am sure there are tons of things to see and do. I am hoping to learn a little more on entering Pinterest Sweeps and winning lots of prizes of course.
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I have never been, and it sounds like fun! Plus, SLC is on the list of places I would like to visit.....
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I enjoy the interesting breakout sessions. I look forward to seeing old friends.
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I can't think of anything I can learn still about sweeping but if it's possible... hit me up!! Mostly I want to go meet sweeping peeps!!! and have fun and chances to win prizes!

I am not Rocky . I am ~JEWEL~
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