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I want to attend the 2013 convention and yell...
"Winner, Winner...chicken dinner!"
I would love to attend the 2013 National Sweepstakes Convention, because of the great learning experience it will be. I would like to learn more about new types of entering online: instagram, pinterest, facebook, etc.

I have attended two conventions in the past and have had the "time of my life"! The best part of the conventions are meeting online sweeping friends, putting faces to the names. At the 2013 convention, I hope to expand my list of sweepstakes convention games and prizes are a BLAST!!!
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I have never attended a convention and my dream is to win a trip! A trip to the convention would be FABULOUS!!!!

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The National Convention is a great way to meet fellow sweepers, see sweeper friends and learn new entering tips! Pay my way! Would love to meet up with Brent and get my bucks back!

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I have never been it sounds like a good time

frozenman20 wins 2009-2012

frozenman20 wins 2013-2014
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My favorite part of the conventions is meeting the fellow sweepers and hearing the winning always come home a bit more motivated
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I would love to hear what other people's sweep tricks and secrets may be

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I would love to see and hear what the winners tricks are! Meeting people that I "know" from OLS would be great too!
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Post why you would want to attend a National Sweepstakes Convention and what you might hope to learn.

I want to attend to reconnect with the friends that i have made over the years on OLS , I want to learn how to win a car

If you have attended before tell us what you have enjoyed about past conventions and what you are looking forward to at this convention

I have been to 3 conventions so far, I have enjoyed meeting fellow sweepers, learning new techniques on entering sweeps,exploring the host city and watching the amazing job the the hosts have done at the convention
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I would love to go to the convention because I have never been to one. I would hope to learn techniques to use for us sweepers that have limited time to enter and meet the OLS peeps that I see on here alot and read about. The past convention stories sound like so much fun and i would love to participate in that. Thanks for the chance!
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Why I'd like to win this trip:
My hubby and I have attended four conventions in the past. Hubby isn't a sweeper, he just delivers my snail mails to the post office for me. But, over the 20+ years I've been a sweeper, he has reaped the benefits of my many wins, and when I attend a convention, HE attends a convention. We register him, he sits through all the seminars and activities, and LOVES it.

By attending the conventions we have met and made many new friends. People we would never have known if it wasn't for these conventions, where we all have the same love of our hobby. We've been fortunate enough to meet with our new sweeping friends over the years, and been on vacations with them, been on win trips with them, had fun with them.

LOVE meeting people at the conventions who have the same interest as I do, and would love to win this wonderful prize. Thanks for offering it!
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I'd love to win! The best part of conventions is seeing old friends and making new ones.
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I would love to win a trip to the convention because I have been a member for many years, and have never been. There are so many people I have met on here, many who attend the convention, that I would love to meet and put a face to the name!

Mostly, I would love to win this trip because the last year I have been trying to get back to my old entering ways, and haven't been able to get back to the level I used to be at. I am not sure if I lost my mojo, my love for the hunt, don't have time, or something entirely different, but I would love to win this to give me that boost!

Thanks as always for offering this wonderful contest, and I am sure the convention will be fabulous!

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Location: Southeast Coast, Texas
I want to win a trip to the convention! I attended one, had the best time with the best OLS peeps, but had to leave early. And like Tametaz, I want to learn how to win a car also!

Life is good. Love it, live it to the fullest!
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I have never been to a Sweepstakes Convention and have never visited Utah, but is sounds like it would be so much fun!. Plus, it would be so exciting to hang out with fellow OLSers that I have never met, but feel like I know through all of our posting conversations! I would like to learn how to be more effective and efficient with my sweeping routines.
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It's been a few years since I went to convention. Would like to see old friends and meet new one's.
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