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I Challenge All Of You!
I remember the days when I found a sweep and came here to post it, it was already here.... Not anymore...but there is no reason we can't do better and work toward getting it back that way again.

Please if you com across a sweep that's not here post it. We depend on our members to post sweeps.

Who knows maybe Brent or Nicole will chime in and offer to give some free green membership to the one that post the most sweeps in a month they way they use to.

I always use the excuse that I'm not very good at it so therefore I don't do it. Well not anymore. Until someone ask me to stop posting them I'm going to post them no matter how bad I screw it up. Most of the time the editors and members point out mistakes made and things I left out and the sweep ends up getting edited and posted correctly. Thanks to all those that already help!

This site has the best format on the www for entering sweeps. It seems such a waste that it no longer has the best sweep list.

It's up to us to change that, so therefore I challenge you all to work hard to get our site full of great sweeps for us all to enter.
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