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Swap Guidelines 9/23/2012
Since this forum has taken off so fabulously, I think its time to add some guidelines.

Who may participate in a swap?
  • Basic guidelines are that you must be a member of OLS for 90 days and have 100 posts and not be on the Swap Bad List. Each swap host is allowed to make their guidelines more restrictive, these are general guidelines.

Who may hold a swap?
  • Any OLSer who has been a member for 90 days and has at least 100 posts and is not on the Swap Bad List.
  • Please keep in mind if you are going to host a swap to keep the guidelines/rules simple and make sure your directions are clear and that you have the time to answer any PM's and questions that may come up.
  • Be sure and request an up to date Bad Swap List from KB or Karen_246 to review before you start your swap.

What is the Swap Bad List?
  • Karen_246 & kbsocial maintain a list of those who have participated in a MOC or Swap and did not fulfill their obligations. Please send particpant names to KB or Karen to see if they are on the list before allowing them to participate. By not doing so you are risking a disappointing swap.

Because there are so many swaps going on, each package MUST contain a note revealing which swap it is for. If it is a one time swap you must reveal who you are. This helps cut down on the confusion of which boxes are for which swaps.

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