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Wow, WTG!!!
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Hooray and a big congratulations!!!! I still dream of a HOF win. I've come close but not there yet. So happy you made the HOF with such an amazing win!

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Cogratulations! Enjoy your ride

Good Luck!
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Congrats! Great win. I agree with previous post.....don't let it leave the showroom. Depreciation will be a killer. Rent a bike for your trip and sell the bike brand new with zero miles. You could always buy a cheaper model and use the extra money for your house. Congrats again!
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Originally Posted by IMADEVLSH1 View Post
After being a member of OLS since March of 1999 I can finally step up and claim my HOF win! In June we went camping at Wisconsin Dells....first time I've ever been even though I grew up in NW Indiana and have lived in Illinois for over 20s!. I decided for my boyfriends birthday we would go there. While we were there we stopped at a place called Nigs......Have a Swig with Nig

They were having a raffle to benefit the Kilborne Volunteer Firedepartment, so I spent $20 on three tickets.

They called me Sunday the 14th to tell me I won the Harley Davidson Street Glide with $4000 worth of upgrades. Total package $28000!

I'm so excited, but know I should just sell it for a nice downpayment on a house. I plan to take it on a three week road trip in the spring before I come home to sell her.
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET win! Many congrats and three cheers

Wishing & hoping & thinking & praying, planning & dreaming... and entering!
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Congratulations On A great Win
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wow and wow and wow
Wow! Sorry for the repeated wows, I'm stunned and happy for you. What an awesome win - esp for a 20.00 investment. Enjoy that road trip.
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What a great win. I hope you do that road trip before you consider selling it. I've had a swig at Nigs and didn't even get a free drink. Congrats.

Just keep saying to yourself "I'm adequate." Sherlock Holmes (George C. Scott) to Dr. Watson (Joanne Woodward) in "They Might Be Giants"

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Thanks everyone for the kind words and advise....I appreciate it. My boyfriend and I are going up to Madison tomorrow to finalize the paperwork. I'm going to ask them if there's a cash alternative or if they would buy it from me. If not, then I'm keeping it period. Once I set my ass on it, I will NEVER want to part with it.......devine providence brought me this far, I'm going to continue to pay it forward and hopefully another money bag will arrive......I've got some things going on that could net me a nice profit, just waiting for's killing me. Will update tomorrow.

This is my blog link. Total newbie, and looking for friends to help with advice and suggestions! Feel free to check me out!
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