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looking for guidance
don't want to step on any remaining toes, but I've noticed that since I'm no longer 'green', I can't utilize the "Report" function. There are a lot of sweeps that no longer exist or need corrections but outside of making a new "this sweeps is gone" thread in the forums, I'm not sure what to do. Making a note doesn't really help anyone. So, how should I approach these sorts of things? Does making a report really need to be a 'premium only' thing? TIA.
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I wish that I could still report inactive sweeps too. There are many author's sweeps that I used to enter monthly, that have been inactive for 6 months or more. When I first lost Premium and could no longer report them, I would make a note and ask others who were still Premium to report them. But I don't think anyone ever did and now there are very few Premium members. So, I've just been deleting those sweeps from My Sweeps, since there is no reason to see them now.

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If you do not want to leave a note in the sweep, just send an editor a pm so we can delete them. The only person who can fix the site is Brent, the editors and moderators have zero control over report buttons and stuff like that. I had no idea that it was a premium only function, that is a bummer. Anway, leave a note or send me a link. Thanks.
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