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getting a different pc Need help with a Question
I wanted to get a different desktop pc and found one (used), but I didnt understand what the person said by " This Desktop computer reset to factory settings " can some techy person or... please let me know? I know next to nothing about computers? Also I hear if you get a pc it should have windows 10, is that something one can download or is it already factory installed into the pc? Thanks in advance!
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Well, what little that I do know is that when a computer is "reset to factory settings" it means just that. For example, let's say that PC left the factory in May 2017. It might have Windows 10 in it. Might not. Ask if it does. When a PC is reset, it won't have the security updates and fixes to the software that were released after May 2017, so you will have to do that yourself. Not difficult, but it could take some time.
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Whatever I sell "techy" I always reset to factory condition. As posted by caseycupcake, basically it sets it back to what it was when originally sold.. no updates, no added software, no personal info from the seller.

You should ask what system it has. I don't know that you need Windows 10, but it is the newest out there.

If you do get it, you may want to check for updates and get it up to date for security and software fixes.

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Yes, factory settings means it is as it was from the factory. There are no additional programs etc loaded on it. If it is used, they mean they got rid all of the data/programs that someone added and just wiped it clean.

If you get a new computer it may already have windows 10 installed. if it is an older computer it may have an older version of windows. Not all versions can be upgraded to windows 10 so it is important to ask about that before you buy anything. Better yet, see if who you are buying it from can just install windows 10 for you to save yourself any possible problems.
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