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Question Answering my smart phone - issue
I am using a new LGL164VL android phone...

Most of the time when my smart phone rings, the screen that pops up has three squares to click on... "Answer", "Ignore with message" , and "Ignore". That is fine, all three options work. But some times instead of three squares, three circles come up. When I click on the circle buttons nothing happens, I am unable to answer the call.

Why do three circles some times come up instead of the squares? And how do I answer when the circle buttons do not work?

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I have no clue about those.. I have enough trouble that I don't hear my phone for calls or messages and end up finding missed calls and missed messages!

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I have a different LG, but this might help. Mine shows the three circles and instead of clicking you have to swipe (put your finger on the chosen circle and swipe - up is the easiest direction).
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The squares work simple and easy, just one tap to answer the call.

The circles require several swipes to answer the call, I some times miss the call.

I called LG Customer Service and they tell me they have no information on this issue.

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I've actually researched this issue in the past. It's a common complaint with these phones. It often takes so many swipes that you miss the call. I solved the issue by downloading a free app from the Google store that provides you with two huge buttons that you only have to tap. One says "Answer" and the other says "Decline". The app works great. The app is called "Easy to Answer Incoming Call" by DevLLane Lab.
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