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Chrome and Questions
I'm still using IE because I like the set up and it is familiar. I've been using Edge as a backup browser but it locks my computer so I downloaded Chrome.
Q1) Need a way to lock favorites on the left side. This is how I work and how I want to continue to work.
Q2) I know I can add RoboForm as an extension but does it work well?
Q3) Why not Firefox? Is it slated for the trash like IE?

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I went from IE to firefox then the chrome. Truth, i liked firefox best but it changed things too much and I went to chrome. I tried Edge and hated it.

I have no problems with roboform.

I have no idea how to get favorites on the sidebar.
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Wait! How do I get Robo to work with Chrome?? For years I have just been using the form filler or Chrome and hate it..

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