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I use Firefox Quantum and the Firefox autofill. I like how easy it is to turn referrer on and off.
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I think the Chrome autofill works fine for me, and I use it exclusively.

It sometimes gets a little hinky with storing info, but it fixes quickly.
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I use a product called Macro Express. You can automate a form, or just bind the most common components (name, street, phone) to separate shortcut keys. Not quite the same functionality, but has more capability in automating many common tasks.

I noticed recently several sites that recognized form filling and jumbled the input in order to "require" manual form filling. I believe that the Macro Express functionality to insert millisecond delays into your frequently typed components might evade this kind of automation detection - still automated, but slightly slower, until it is not detectable as being non-human. Have not looked for what that threshold is yet myself.
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I only need to use it on one device so I'm more than happy with Roboform Free.

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