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anyone from atlanta ga going to miami for 2017 convention?
Hi there- I live in marietta ga and I think I would like to go to the 2017 convention (would be my 1st one!) but it is a cruise and leaving from Miami- I would love to car pool with someone if that is possible- I know I can fly but to be honest- I would rather drive and car pool- stopping at hotels on the way - may take 1 or 2 days but still- I don't enjoy flying anymore- I just don't. So- if anyone lives in the metro atlanta area (I am in marietta ga by powers ferry and delk road) we can meet up- discuss it and then who knows? perhaps it will work out & we can share the costs of driving and the hours- I am 62 - I will be 63 for your information- I have driven back and forth to charlotte north carolina for the last 14 years to help take care of my dad and then after dad died- my mom- so I do drive quite a lot- let me know - I am putting out my "feelers" because I would love to go on a convention cruise. Thanks for anyone who might be interested.

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I use to drive from Atlanta to Miami alot for cruises. Only took me about 10 hours. Easy drive. Hope you find someone to drive with. By the way, have you looked up the Atlanta Peach Sweepers? They are a wonderful group and would be helpful to you!

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