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Guidelines for Site Auctions and OLS Ebay List - **Read these rules before posting in this forum**
Since we have this Site Auctions area, here are the guidelines:

Site Auctions

Feel free to list your ebay or other auction links in this area and let others know what you are sellin!

To list your auction, you must be a registered member of Online-Sweepstakes.com (OLS) for 1 year with at least 30 posts. If you don't meet this requirement, you will automatically be redirected to these rules when you attempt to create a new thread in this forum.

This forum is for site auctions of OLS members only (not friends, family etc). Listings for auctions other than those of OLS members will be deleted without notice.

If you are listing more than one item, please keep them in the same post, or a series of posts under the same heading "KB'S FSOT" or "KB'S Auctions", etc. That would be very helpful. Please limit your post to one thread. All subsequent threads WILL be deleted.

This is the designated forum for posting your site auctions (ebay etc). Auction threads posted outside of this forum will be deleted without notice.

Please everyone refrain from bumping any of your Prize Exchange, Personal Auctions, Site Auctions, Classifieds or Wanted posts more than once per 24 hours. I will start deleting, effective now, as it has become a big problem. Thank you for your cooperation!

Full list of Prize Exchange rules can be found HERE

I am posting everyone's ebay names here ~ if you want to start your own thread - go for it. Since the original big thread was here and open, anyone could post their ebay name/links there and it would take a lot of policing. Feel free to start a new thread, or if you want to be included in this list (or removed from it), please PM me. I am sure I left some names out and I apologize, please PM me to add them as well!!!

Aimeeryz ~ Aimeeislookin

Akirassj ~ Akirassj

allaboutme ~ gleanersheart

AlynS ~ ebuyatallies

amberlicious ~ shevilkenevil

astromynx ~ astromynx

Azriell ~ pandora23charter

azrosebud ~ im_azrosebud

beckdeals ~ hookedonstamps

Blackberry ~ 113ducks

CappoMan ~ CappoMan

caryncc ~ caryncc

caseycupcake ~ caseycupcake

cathugz ~ yepbrooks

catlady13711 ~ catlady13711

claytaylor ~ claytaylor1979

DebiLyn ~ Texan_SC

debiwelbon ~ debiwelbon

delishous ~ rx7lover86

dharley ~ bettiepage001

dolphee ~ dolphee

dot7660 ~ dot7660

drewnancy ~ drew-nancy

dspack ~ chrickicats

elcoraidercheer ~ elcoraidercheer

ey_re ~ thread_n_needle

Fidget ~ fidgetblogs

fransrainbow ~ frances123-half

FreeCellPenguin ~ OKElaine

GaBlondie ~ sweetsmellofroses

gaylep ~ gaylespace

goodluck03330 ~ ellisauctions

graboid9 ~ semery99

grandmap ~ phasbargen

HASAMA ~ hasama36

htg20 ~ htg20


IwannaWin2 ~ surfwithus

jeannierosado ~ creationsbyalva

jellosheriff ~ jellosheriff1

Jessica ~ jusacuz

JJMuegge ~ cinder8541

joiwind25 ~ daba58 (Delicious Accessories Boutique)

kahalaave ~ sweetsurprises4all

Karen_246 ~ harvs-this-n-that

KathBrat ~ KathBrat63 ~ The Chameleon Experience

kazul ~ ibkazul

khenrichse ~ mustgoesnow

klf113 ~ CottageOnFifth

KYLIE22 ~ kylie2222

laraedo ~ laraedo

lemons ~ lemmings23

Leona100K ~ mama_koszyks_kitchen

lil_ladybug71 ~ ashleymarie72

luvey ~ jen1008

mandj ~ cooks_collectibles

magoo ~ magoo2u2

Melpomeme7 ~ CTingle0927

michele51379 ~ michele51379

mongoose ~ marcirp

MoonMaiden ~ cherylfree

mrsdoctorgirlfriend ~ johnandnoahsmom

mtdew ~ mtdewlush

nape_9393 ~ 1nape

Nowinki ~ nowniki

obria ~ obria

pattywack ~ pattywack_az

princessj ~ HarleysValentine

pugnrandy ~ pugnrandy

rimf1 ~ mamasmoney2

rogermaier ~ bimegi

roosterlips ~ ebidbuys

shannnon717717 ~ beautywithmore

sharkaye ~ Possumjig

SonyaD81 ~ Wholesale_Decor

spiffy39 ~ artist-e

StampinSweeper ~ stampinteacher

susan1215 ~ kchief997

suziebee20 ~ videogamelord57

SweetSue ~ jeffgentler

TAWANDA ~ friedgreentmaters (WHISTLE-STOP-SHOP)

taycon34 ~ jorcon3

Taylormade ~ antdeb7785

tfacey ~ tfacey

tigerjen77 ~ tigerjen_77

TOESTER ~ Toester525

troubles ~ What Knots Antiques & Resell

tuttifrutti ~ pughnanner

twinmommytoo ~ fgtwinsmom

TWOPYRZ ~ babblewabbles

vhsurvey ~ viv11

Vicky ~ vcwins

wolftamer208 ~ wolftamer208

wetwist ~ wetwist2rcx

ZIPONE ~ Zip_One

zoehunter ~ redheadz

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Please remember to come back and update your threads. If your ebay auctions are over, edit your thread to indicate which are still active or close the thread if they are all over.

Edit thread:

Go to thread and click the Edit button
Make changes then click the Save button

Close thread:

Go to thread and click the Edit button
Click Go Advanced
Scroll to bottom left and click on the box that says "Close this thread after you submit message"
Click save and your thread will be closed
Closed Thread

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